Find questions to answer and activities to do in the classroom or book club, for the mid-grade novel, the Fairies of Nutfolk Wood.

Questions and Activities: The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood

Do you think the book should have illustrations?

Do you believe that the Nutfolk were real?

Would you like to live like Hazel?

What one modern convenience would you miss if you lived like Hazel?

Rain (hot-headed), June (leader) or Plum (kind caregiver) - which one are you most like?

Willa said she was named after an author - do you know which one?

A wicket is a small door or gate, any thoughts on why the author picked the name Hazel?

Small and cozy house with few amenities or big house with lots of stuff - which do you prefer?

What would your fairy name be?

If you could use senzall to protect one part of your house or yard, where would it be?

Willa was terribly anxious about things changing. What helped her to cope with all the changes in her life? (There are many answers to this question).

What sorts of things help you deal with anxiety?

Willa visualized cleaning all the worry out of her head. What replaced it?

If you could get rid of all the worries in your head, what would you replace it with?

Why do you think that Vincent was so gruff at first?

What was Plunkit Us Boo?



Create your own fairy environment using only found, natural objects. (Glue, tacks, or glue-gun is okay).

Create a coat-of-arms designed for your own house and family using symbols that describe your history and things that are important to you and your family.

Plan your own mysterious treasure hunt with clues that lead your friends to the final “treasure.”

Design original clothes that would fit your own magical beings.

Design original architecture where your magical beings could live.


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