Describing the "Whistle Bright Magic, a Nutfolk Tale", a midgrade novel about divorce, the strength of family and friendship, and the magic of wood fairies who live in a stump, by author Barb Bentler Ullman.

Questions and Activities for Parents and Teachers - Whistle Bright Magic, a Nutfolk Tale

Whistle Bright Magic, a Nutfolk Tale

Why was Zelly so reluctant to cry?

Who belonged to “The Acorns”?

Why did they choose “The Acorns” as their name?

Describe Frederick.

Describe Lupine.

When they were chased by the dog, what surprised Zelly about Frederick? – What surprised her about Lupine?

What was carved on the stump behind Lupine’s trailer?

Who was Hazel Jo named after? 

Where is the best place to trick or treat in Plunkit?

Zelly’s mom, Willa, talked about how Mrs. Wicket would be sure to run back for a certain item if the house was on fire.  What was it?  –What would you run back for?

In this story, there were a lot of second chances.  Who and what got second chances?

Who was Vinyn Will?

Zelly thought that not forgiving someone was like a jammed up door.  What do think she meant?

What did Zelly and Whistle Bright have in common?



Illustrate your version of “Wintertell.”

Make up a new holiday with specific traditions.

Draw a picture of the Jay ship.

Design your own mode of magical transportation.

Give your bedroom a cleaning and a make-over like the Nutfolk did at the homestead.  (This is sort of a trick).

Draw pictures of the new additions to Nutfolk Wood.

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