Describing the "The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood" and "Whistle Bright Magic, a Nutfolk Tale", midgrade novels about the strength of family and friendship, and the magic of wood fairies who live in a stump, by author Barb Bentler Ullman.

Barb Bentler Ullman


My gratitude goes out to those educators, librarians, and students who included The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood on their state book award lists; Thank you, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Georgia! It has been a thrill and a privilege.

Sincerely, Barb Ullman


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Cover illustration for Bad Order by Shane Rebenschied.

The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood jacket artwork © 2006 by August Hall.

Whistle Bright Magic, a Nutfolk Tale jacket artwork © 2009 by Melanie Delon.

Background art for this page is "Moon over Adeline" by B.B. Ullman.

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